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Multi-function LED Traffic Baton

Traffic Baton

Model: 21NH-0004

Name: 900 LED Baton (Red)

Length (±5%): 540mm

Handle Diameter (±5%): 40mm

LED Size: 5mm

Weight (±5%): 195g (without batteries)

Pipe Material: PVC

Handle Material: ABS

3 Light Modes: flashing light-continuous light-turn on/off

Battery: two AM1 D cell battery

Accessories: Long strap

Application: Traffic safety wand provides a red light and good visibility, which can be seen clearly at night and in different weather even if it is heavily foggy or downpour.

The hand-held LED light night wand for traffic control is appropriate to be the signal light for intersection guards, air traffic control flashlight, traffic control, parking attendants, construction workers, etc.

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