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Razor Wire

Model: 405-008C

Razor Wire

Material: Galvanized sheet + iron wire

Size: BTO-22 980mm 62 loops/roll without clips wrapped

        BTO-22 450mm 180 loops/roll with clips wrapped

        BTO-22 450mm 108 loops/roll with clips wrapped

        BTO-22 700mm 86 loops/roll without clips wrapped

Features: Safety protection

Packing: woven bag packing, lined with moist proof paper

Characteristic:  The barbed wire with blade is a new type of protective net with strong protection and isolation ability.It is made of steel sheet stamping forming package attached to steel wire.It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, good resistance effect and
convenient construction.

Application: Used as fences for playground, gardens, highway, railway, airport, building, residence etc.

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