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Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Model: 405-035

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Materials: Galvanized iron wire

Size: 3/4"*4'*150'; 1/2"*4'*150'; 1/2"*4'*145'; 1"*3'*150'; 3/4"*3'*150'; 1"*4'*150'; 5/8"*3'*135'; 5/8"*4'*135'; 1/2"*4'*135'; 1/2"*4'*140'; 1/2"*3'*145'; 1-1/2"*3'*140'; 1/2"*3'*140'; 1/2"*4'*120'; 1-1/2"*3'*150'; 5/8"*4'*150'; 1/2"*3'*150'; 2"*3'*150'; 1/2"*3'*135'


1) corrosion- resistant, rust-resistant. 
2) oxidation –resistant, good tensile strength. 
3) uniform mesh size, flat and even mesh surface, weave tightly. 
4) galvanized /pvc coated for longer life, low costs 
5) easy to handle and cut.

Packing: one roll packed in plastic film, lined with moist proof paper


Oxidation -resistant, good tensile strength.
Corrosion- resistant, rust-resistant.
Uniform mesh size, flat and even mesh surface, weave tightly.
Galvanized /pvc coated for longer life, low costs
Easy to handle and cut.


Reinforcement of plaster, screed;
Reinforcement surface for laying ceramic tiles;
Reinforcement plates facade insulation in heavy plaster systems (galvanized);
Production of gabions;
Mesh for chicken coop, enclosures for birds and animals;
For rabbits wire netting;
As garden fencing support for climbing plants;
Protection of trees, plants and crops;
Light fittings for sculptural works;
For protection against rockfall, strengthening the hillsides and riverbanks

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